Canadian Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Federation
Founded in amedg

The Canadian Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (CAGG) Federation was founded on December 12, 2003 in Ontario, Canada, and is an officially registered corporation with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

CAGG is the national authority on all matters relating to Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) in Canada.

An eight member Board carries on the responsibility to operate the Federation activities between Annual General Meetings (AGM). There are two standing committees reporting to the board, the Technical Committee (TC) and Promotional Committee (PC).

CAGG is officially recognized by the International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (IFAGG) as the national Canadian organization responsible for Aesthetic Group Gymnastics organization. CAGG is registered with IFAGG as an “A” member, carrying all the privileges, rights and duties specified in the IFAGG constitution.

Purpose and Objectives of CAGG

  • To represent Canada internationally in AGG and act as the official liaison between Canada and the International Federation (IFAGG)
  • To promote and develop the sport of AGG in Canada

  • To develop and educate coaches for the sport of AGG in Canada

  • To develop and educate judges for the sport of AGG in Canada

  • To develop training materials and educational programs and organize seminars for coaches and judges.

  • To sanction coaches and judges for international courses and competitions

  • To develop National championships in AGG in Canada

  • To foster cooperative relations with other national sport organizations



Provincial Representation

Each Province is encouraged to form a Federation. Each Provincial Federation will be able to send a representative to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Each Province is also asked to select a liaison between their AGG Federation and the Provincial authority, e.g. the Provincial Gymnastics or Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation. The individual selected as liaison may attend the meetings of Provincial AGG Federations but has no voting rights in CAGG.

The assembly of Provincial AGG Federations may submit motions to the AGM and each representative of a Provincial AGG Federation may attend the AGM and participate in discussions, but has no voting rights in CAGG other than as a representative of a member club.

Membership in the CAGG is open to any Canadian Clubs and Dance Schools who are interested in participating in and developing the sport of AGG in Canada and Internationally.

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